7 Basic Commands Every Dog Owner Should Know

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It is incredible how the loyalty of dogs can barely be put to doubt. These dogs have proven to be man’s best friend besides offering a sense of companionship and security. However, every dog owner has the responsibility of ensuring that their dogs are excellent and reliable citizens. This way, they will hardly end up in any problem. Here are seven basic commands that your dog needs to learn.


Given how easy this command is to teach, it should be the initial command the dog needs to learn. By learning this command, the dog will find it easier to learn how to respond to training in the long run. Always embrace humane as well as positive methods when doing so. This way, the dog will be motivated to learn the commands. You can also consider using a few additives.


Stay is an essential command whenever you need the puppy or dog to stay put whenever necessary. This way, it will be easier to prevent them from running into any problem at some point. While other commands take a shorter period to learn, this command will consume about half an hour for the dog to memorize it.


There is no practical dog command than lie down. While this command is essential for all dogs, it has proven to be more beneficial to bigger dogs. This command ensures that the dog learns to be comfortable staying down. It will show that it is quite relaxed. This way, you can take it to a social gathering without raising any fear among other people.


Nothing beats the essence of this command; it is valuable to both the dog and the master. It plays a crucial role in saving the lives of both parties in the event anything goes wrong. In case your dog faces any danger such as traffic, this command will ensure that an accident is avoided.


This command is essential in restraining your dog from doing certain things. For instance, it will come in handy when restricting it from jumping on your visitors at some point. It will also be essential in keeping the dog calm in the event of greetings.

Don’t Touch

While this command rarely comes out, it is one of the essential ones. Most dogs are curious, and they will want to near or touch a given object. Using this command will help in restraining them from reaching the given object. Feel free to use ‘leave it’ in its place. This way, you will save the destruction of valuables that are not for canine enjoyment.

Controlled Walking

It can be quite a nuisance if your dog keeps pulling you down the street. A dog needs to learn to walk within your pace. We have a variety of training strategies that you can use in this regard. Controlled walking will help in avoiding losing your dog at some point.

One of the most responsible things you can do to your dog is to ensure that they learn these basics. It will be beneficial to you and the dog too.

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