7 Tips to Stop A German Shepherd Barking

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German Shepherds are some of the most loveable dogs out there. They are adorable and they can often make good guard dogs as well. When it comes to your German Shepherd barking though, you probably don’t want your neighbors to be disturbed by their excessive barking.

Also, as much as you may not want to admit it to yourself, you may in fact yourself get annoyed with the constant barks. Any dog can be prone to too much barking, so you can feel good knowing that you are not alone and the breed is not an anomaly.

There are ways to tone down the barking with this breed. In this article, I will be exploring how to stop a German Shepherds barking and before that, let’s dive in the reasons behind this phenomenon.

7 Reasons for Excessive German Shepherd Barking


There are specific reasons why German Shepherds bark too much. The following are seven of the top reasons.

Your Dog Likes it

German Shepherds will bark for their own pleasure. It can help them when they’re feeling antsy to self-soothe.

It’s Their Turf and They’ll Protect it

Getting back to the guard dog function, the German Shepherd will bark if it feels a threat to its territory. It will raise its tail, and this is the first step you know your Shepherd is feeling on edge.

The Dog is Surprised


Sometimes, there’s just something in the room or the outside environment that happens that will tingle the spidey senses. You never know what’s exactly putting the dog into bark mode. It could be moving around the area or even outside noise.

To Communicate

Oftentimes, a bark is like saying “hello.” Your dog might feel the need to respond to the owner or friends by getting a little riled up. This type of bark is a greeting and is happy bark.

The Dog Needs You to Attend to a Need

Just like a baby that cries, your dog has one way of getting your attention. This is through bark to let you know that it needs you. The dog might need to go outside to the bathroom.

Alternatively, the dog might want food or water. It’s not always good to respond to bark if you want the barking to stop. However, if the dog needs a basic need, then you can expect it will somehow let you know.

Isolation Barking

We can’t always be with our pets. We need to understand that sometimes the dogs are feeling deprived of companionship though. Being locked away in a house all day while the owner is at work can prompt a barking spree.

Their Herding and Guarding Instinct Kicks in

At other times, your German Shepherd will start to feel a sense of purpose. The instinct to guard and to herd can come out in barking out commands.

7 Tips to Stop German Shepherd Barking


Alright, so now we have a better understanding as to why the dog does this. It can help you to understand the complex make-up of the German Shepherd. It can also allow you to be more attentive to needs.

However, it may be time to also employ solutions to stop the barking before the neighbors put in a complaint. Let’s explore the following seven ways to stop this noise:

Get Your German Shepherd to Bark when You Command

You will need to teach the dog the “speak” and “quiet” commands for this one. You can start with the part where you give a treat for good behavior. You don’t want to confuse your dog so never give a treat for too much barking. The key here is to let the dog knows when to bark and when not to bark.

Use Conditioning – Learning Occurs by Association

There may be things that you don’t want your dog to bark at. You might have to get a trainer for this if you’re all work. Let’s say the flurry of cars passing in the morning to go to work. When these cars come, try giving your dog a treat. This way, the dog will start to associate treats with the morning cars.

Pay attention to what is triggering your German Shepherd to bark and apply the conditioning trick there.

Be In Tune With Your Dog’s Emotion

You need to understand why the dog is barking. If the dog is angry, then you will have to intuit this. Conversely, if the dog is happy, then this is also good to know. The more in touch you are, the better you can respond. Get to know your German Shepherd more and connect with the dog on the emotional level, find out what the dog actually needs and you will be surprised on the result.

Make Your Dog Feel Safe

Your dog needs to know that home is a safe place. The barking will not stop unless you give the German Shepherd this impression. If your home is a chaotic place with lots of yelling, then you shouldn’t be surprised if your dog barks a lot in response. So, look around in your house, identify those unnecessary noises and try to remove or lower them.

Be Consistent in Your Commands


Unfortunately, your dog is not going to master the English language any time soon. A genius dog will still get confused if you use too many commands to simply tell it to cease. You should use the following commands to stop barking- “no,” “stop,” and “quiet.”

Don’t overcomplicate your command when you are trying to ask the dog to stop barking, always start with some simple one first.

Give Treats as Rewards for Stopping

Even before your German Shepherd learns to stop barking, you can help out. When a stranger comes over, you can reassure the dog to calm down. You should give it a pat and a treat only after the barking stops.

Don’t yell at the dog if it barks, but let the strangers know your dog is still in training so that they won’t further provoke your dog. Yelling is not the ultimate solution on dog training, the key is to be patient, let the dog learns and to associate the dog with what it can do, what it can not do.

Bring the Dog to Another Room

You may have to keep the dog away from new people at first. You can put a lease on if the doorbell rings, and lead the dog to another room. You can then get to the door. If your German Shepherd stops barking, you can bring him out then to greet the stranger. The dog will learn that not all strangers are bad. I can’t emphasize this enough, building relationship and learning together with your dog are the only ways to teach the dog good behaviors.

Remember, German Shepherds have a certain instinct that makes them have a proclivity to do certain work. You can train your dog to be a guard dog as well as a household pet. If you want to just have a pet, then you can teach the dog all the above ways to be calm.

Chances are if you ever are in danger, protective instincts will kick in as well. However, it’s nice to just enjoy companionship without always being on edge in the meantime.

Most of the above mentioned tips involve using dominance and rewards, in fact, there is a better way to effectively stop a German Shepherd barking by using just 5 Simple Unique Exercises.

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