Doggy Dan Online Dog Trainer – My Honest Review 2020


Let me lay it out there now- training a dog is hard stuff. Most people wouldn’t know a single thing about dog training, and this is where Doggy Dan Online Dog Trainer comes in.

You know it’s necessary to get a dog to learn the basic stuff, such as where they should do their business, when they should calm down and not wake up the whole house (or the neighborhood) with their incessant barking and all that.

There’s no easy way to do it, but then the rewards are absolutely worth it. You get an obedient dog that won’t give you any trouble. What’s more, you and your dog will be happy and live a long and fruitful life.

Let’s take a look at Doggy Dan Online Dog Trainer and see if it’s a good way to turn your pup into man’s best friend.

Should You Just Read Dog Training Tips Online?

I know what you’re thinking.

‘Shouldn’t I just read about how to train dog articles on the internet and be over this?’

Yes, you actually can. Doing this can save you from spending thousands of dollars on professional dog training fees, obedience school and subscriptions that promise results in days.

However, these aren’t clear cut and you’ll mostly end up where you began- with a dog who doesn’t listen to you.

Online blogs and articles do have their purpose, though. I like to read them just to see what new information comes up that I could use to train my dog. The same goes for books or videos that show a new technique to solve a behavioral problem.

For an all-in-one dog trainer program, nothing beats Doggy Dan Online Dog Trainer.

I found that an hour of watching Doggy Dan’s online trainer video based course has taught me more than reading a dozen articles and how-to’s on the internet.

There’s also something in Doggy Dan’s methods that’s unique and the key to a happy ending.

What is the Doggy Dan Online Dog Trainer Program?


So, who is this Doggy Dan bloke and how did he come up with a dog training program that works?

I first met Doggy Dan on his official website when I was at my wit’s end.

Like you, I was superbly optimistic that I could control my dog in a matter of days. I had a lot of patience and energy, but my pet had more.

I experienced a degree of success with the usual ‘reward your dog when he does something good’ bit. It worked when I wanted my dog to sit and where he needed to do his business when I was outside.

The snag came on when I noticed the routine wouldn’t stick. What’s more, behavioral issues, such as him tugging on the leash forcefully when we were walking surfaced.

I thought, oh I just need more time and keep at it, but then I was wrong.

It was a losing battle, and soon I threw in the towel.

Then a friend recommended I check out Doggy Dan’s website.

I quickly discovered that he has a wealth of training videos, advice and tips for people who are just like me. He also offers real-time consultations on particular problems that you just can’t seem to work out with your pet.

The New Zealander is somewhat a huge personality in his country because of how he interacts with pet owners and their dogs. His approach is totally unique and can give you an insight of how dog training really works.

What’s more, he’s endorsed by the New Zealand SPCA, which should give you an idea of how good he is.

Enough about Dan. Let’s look at his dog trainer system and see how you and your dog can benefit from it.

Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Trainer System


The first step to joining the Doggy Dan Online Dog Trainer is to sign up for it on the official website.

To do this you can open your favorite browser, go to the Doggy Dan website and click the ‘Sign Up’ button.

While you’re at it you can read and understand what exactly you’re joining and what to expect from the online program.

Doggy Dan offers a free trial so you can get your feet wet without fully committing, money-wise. The site offers a no-fuss 3 day trial for a measly $1, which then unlocks the whole catalog of training courses.

Having been burned out by blogs and videos I was a bit hesitant to sign up, so I chose the free trial.

After that, I was fully convinced that I was doing the right thing, so I subscribed to the full program.

Then I experienced Doggy Dan Online Dog Trainer System.

First, you will want to get a glimpse of the available materials and resources on the trainer system. What’s so good about Doggy Dan is that there’s a wizard to help you get started.

The simple questionnaire seeks to understand what you intend to get from the whole experience. In short, what’s your goal in training your dog?

Answer it truthfully and you’ll be rewarded with targeted recommendations in the form of educational items and courses to help you and your dog build a meaningful relationship together.

Here are a few notable sections on the Doggy Dan website that can supplement your training:

Pack Leader


My dog would have never listened to me if I didn’t chance upon this important aspect of dog training.

Being the pack leader may seem like something that’s primitive, but it’s a key factor in your relationship. It’s what makes your dog (or puppy) listen to you and obey your every command.

My advice is that every dog owner read through this section at least once and gain a basic grasp of what it’s all about, then applying what they’ve learned to gain respect and authority.

Aside from the articles there are helpful videos that bring home the point of why you should take charge here and now!

Project Moses


It all sounds pretty cryptic, doesn’t it? There’s a simple explanation though- Moses was Dan’s dog, and Project Moses was the blueprint of how he trained his pet in various life stages.

This section is a compilation of what you should and shouldn’t do in specific scenarios.

It’s a good place to start, especially if you just brought home a puppy and want to train him or her right away.

I like Dan’s explanation and solution to the most common dog training problems. Here, I learned how you can bring home a pup and properly introduce him or her to other pets or family members, what you can do when he or she cries out incessantly, how to establish crate training, and much more.

In a way the same journey can be had for those who have the patience to follow Doggy Dan’s guide through the years. In my opinion ‘Project Moses’ alone is worth the price of entry.

Dog Problems

Dog Problems is one that I spend the most time in.

Whenever an unwanted behavior by my dog comes up, it’s usually off to this section. The best thing about it? I usually see good, useful and informative content on just about every topic that’s ever happened.

Every problem is thoroughly covered. Here, Doggy Dan talks about specifics and sub-topics that could come up in the discussion. Furthermore, you get actionable solutions, tips and methods via word or video that can supplement your practice as you go about making it better.


Want to know why your dog is suddenly aggressive to other people or even some of your family members, or why he keeps growling at your guests when they arrive? It’s covered here. When your dog develops an irritating bark that seems to go all day, Doggy Dan breaks it down for you so you can understand (and resolve it).

Other topics include the aforementioned leash pulling, becoming super destructive when you’re not around, hyperactivity and phobias about thunder, other dogs and more.

As a tip though, Doggy Dan Online Dog Trainer says that most of these negative behaviors stem from the habit your dog develops during his or her puppy years. But all is not lost as there’s always a way to fix it.

Say goodbye to problems like separation anxiety, fear of things, hyperactivity and chewing on the sofa. I know I did, and the results are quite astounding!

Over 250 Videos on Dog Training Topics

More is definitely better, especially when you’re dealing with an unruly pet.

Dogs are complex creatures and Doggy Dan understands this. As a complete and comprehensive resource he’s compiled every video on just about any topic into one subscription.

As such, you won’t have to keep tabs on one, two or three dog training websites or blogs just so you can cover every aspect of your dog training. Just do a search on your current dog issue and a video will come up for sure.

How awesome would it be if you could have your dog sitting calmly in the car as you drive? How about having guests over and not having to worry about your dog making a mess of things or driving them insane?


Puppy owners will also love the fact that there’s a huge section on puppy training here.

One thing you will notice is that Doggy Dan adopts a gentle reinforcement method on all dog problems. The effect is astoundingly positive due to the science and psychology behind each action.

Frustration and anger will get you nowhere- I learned this the hard way and so should you.

Doggy Dan Online Dog Trainer has a way of making owners understand why their dogs are doing these things and how you can help them jump over the hurdle.

The training system grows on you and will make you a better dog owner in just a few months.

Remember this- training a dog to be the best he or she can be is no walk in the park, but it doesn’t have to be frustrating to everyone involved. There’s no two ways to do it, and all you have to do is follow Doggy Dan’s instructions.

Real Consultation Videos From Real People

Some of the videos you’ll be seeing on Doggy Dan’s website are like a show where he speaks with dog owners about their problems.

These are not staged and serve as a helpful resource, like a ‘real life example’ in a sense.

More than that, you’ll be entertained and gain invaluable knowledge on how to solve the behavior the exact same way as the video.

I’ve watched a few of these to supplement my dog training learning, and Doggy Dan manages to be very informative on what’s going on in the dog’s mind.

You see, it’s all about getting to the root of the issue and figuring out the underlying cause.

Once you have that, then it’s just a matter of changing the behavior by acting upon it.

You can do what Doggy Dan does exactly as it’s shown on the video to fix the issue.

Doggy Dan Online Dog Trainer Forum

The Doggy Dan website has a forum for paying members who are also dog enthusiasts and experts.

It’s a community-type platform where dog owners from all over the world help one another on the most common dog problems they’ve been experiencing.

Suffice to say, you can speak to thousands of members at any point in time and get personalized help 24/7.

Sometimes even Dan makes a comment when the topic is a difficult one and there are many underlying issues.

Doggy Dan Online Dog Trainer Has a Money Back Guarantee


You know a dog training system is legit when there’s a money back guarantee.

Doggy Dan Online Dog Trainer offers a free 60 day guarantee that allows subscribers to cancel when they aren’t satisfied with the system.

In the course of my subscription I’ve never wanted to cancel. This is because I find Dan’s dog training program to be one, if not the best out there!

What’s more, the cost of subscribing is just a small fraction of what it takes to hire a professional dog trainer.

The conclusion to Doggy Dan Online Dog Trainer is it’s a powerful system that no matter your level of experience, it will help you to get the results you dream of on your dog. Every behavioral problem is covered really well in this program with its reason, how to solve that problem and videos showing you how to implement those solutions step by step. I cannot recommend this course enough!

Do what I did and visit Doggy Dan’s website and give it a try, i am sure you will like it!